College Girl WhatsApp Number

 Girl Friend Search - Girls Mobile Number is a free social mobile app that allows you to get random numbers of women looking for relationships all over the world. This app offers various phone numbers from 7 countries and various women who are either looking for friendship or love. However, while some numbers may work, most won’t actually connect you to a call and a real person on the other end.

Girl Friend Search - Girls Mobile Number is similar to numerous free phone number apps out there that focus on offering quick and easy relationships. Similar to dating apps, you can check out various single women on the app whose phone numbers for WhatsApp are public. However, the biggest difference here is that the lists don’t refresh with new “users” so your options are actually quite limited, even with several countries available. 

This is because most of the numbers available are either just for show or will only redirect you to a WhatsApp chatbot that mimics a user’s speech patterns. When you open up the app, it will first display various other free apps that you may be interested in, such as Live TV Guide, HD Video Downloader, and Photo Caller Screen. Tapping on “Start” will then take you to the main menu.

There are 7 countries you can get phone numbers from: India, South Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Brazil, Uganda, and Belgium. Tapping one will display some women with profiles and their WhatsApp numbers. However, it’s quite obvious that the app’s credibility is too low as not only are there typos for the spelling of the countries' names, but the names of the available “users” don’t seem realistic for their country. Plus, not all of them have profiles.