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 One of the original ways to connect with people online and meet in person (before the age of dating and friendship apps), Meetup lets you create online groups in order to organize in-person and virtual events. With over 3 million monthly active users, it’s easy for people with shared interests to come together online and organize events to enjoy together in real life. Ready to join a Meetup community? Search for groups and events in categories like health and wellness, food and drink, film, careers, or book clubs. (iOSAndroid, free with in-app purchases). 

With the Atleto app, you can find your next Doubles Tennis partner or pick an opponent for a one-on-one matchup. Use it to connect with athletes in your area and find new friends based on their go-to sport, current skill level, and location. It’s especially ideal for students on college campuses looking to host a game or form a recreational sports team. (iOS, Android, free).