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 Friended was created so you always have someone to talk to. You can post about yourself or how you’re feeling for others to see, but all responses come in the form of direct messages so you can hold a private conversation and build one-on-one connections. From there, it’s easy to video chat with the friends you meet, and even play guessing games or take quizzes to learn more about your new friend.   free with in-app purchases) 

Over meeting new people? How about dogs? Meet nearby dogs and their owners with the Meet My Dog app. You can make a profile for you and your pup, set up puppy play dates, and see who’s around to hang out at the dog park. Fido will thank you for finding him a new four-legged friend, and you might even meet a new two-legged friend and fellow dog lover while you’re at it. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases). 

Becoming a new parent is no small feat, but having other moms to mentor you can make it easier. With Peanut, you can meet other moms online and seek their guidance. The app lets you join groups and communities of women throughout all stages of motherhood—whether they’re new moms, women trying to conceive, or pregnant women expecting a child. You can listen as others share their tips, offer your own advice, and even dive into personal topics like IVF, adoption, or nursing. (iOS, Android, free).